Grand Valley Trails Association

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The Grand Valley Trail is a marked footpath stretching more than 275 km between Rock Point Provincial Park on Lake Erie (south of Dunnville) to the town of Alton, near Orangeville. The Grand Valley Trails Association is a non-profit organization administered by a board of directors, elected each year at the annual general meeting. The Board holds regular meetings.

The Grand Valley Trails Association does not own land. It is with the generosity of landowners (e.g. farmers, municipalities, commercial busnesses and so on) that this footpath exists. GVTA members and members of the general public who choose to hike the trail do so at their own risk and the trail should not be considered public property.

The mandate of the association is to build and maintain hiking trails in the Grand River Valley. As this is the reason for the existence of the association, all members are encouraged to become involved in trail maintenance. This activity ranges from participating in work parties to “adopting” a section of the trail. The work involved ranges from repainting blazes to constructing foot bridges. Trail maintenance training sessions are included in the program.

In addition, the promotion of outdoor activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and canoeing is a part of the association’s activities. These are supplemented by a few social activities. Day or whole weekend outings are organized for most weekends during the year and are published in the association’s newsletters. End-to-end chevrons and a badge are awarded to those persons who have walked the entire trail at a nominal cost.